All Natural Smoothies

cool, refreshing & healthy

Fruit Smoothies

Visit our smoothie bar for a cool, refreshing and healthy treat.

Be Healthy. Stay Healthy.

5 daily servings of real fruit per smoothie!

100% Crushed Fruit

Our smoothies contain Dr. Smoothie 100% Crushed Fruit. Vine Ripened whole fruit, pureed for optimal nutrition and flavor. Sweetened with all natural fruit juices.

All Natural Fruit

No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners
No preservatives
No added sugar

Quality First

Fresh ripe bananas, filtered water and ice. Perfectly executed recipes.

Frozen Yogurt

What makes our smoothies the best? Fro yo, of course. Premium Plum Dandy frozen yogurt is added to our smoothies. Our frozen yogurt, sweet or tart, is swirled fresh to order and contains no fat or cholestorol and low sugar. Our yogurt smoothies also provide beneficial live and active cultures that help aid digestion and boost the immune system.


Our fruit smoothies are GLUTEN FREE.
DAIRY FREE options include all natural fruit sorbet and organic soymilk recipes.


Treat your body to a healthy boost of milled golden flax seed and all natural whey protein.

Tropical Mango, Strawberry Banana, Wild 4 Berries, Honey Bear, I Love Sorbet, Kiwi Strawberry, Blueberry Banana, Pina Colada, Peach Green Tea, Strawberry Mango, Cherry Cranberry, Peanut Butter Bear