Utica Coffee Roasters

wake the hell up!

The history of the Utica Coffee Roasting Company began in 2002 with the purchase of our facility located at 92 Genesee Street in Utica, NY. We started sourcing the worlds highest quality coffee and roasting it here in Utica, NY in 2005. We’re committed to offering the highest quality coffee available from around the world—right here in downtown Utica.

Our Mission is to revitalize, succeed, and give back to our community through responsible business development. Our business was founded in an economically depressed area of our inner city because we saw potential, we saw that nobody else was going to invest, and we saw a lack of opportunity for young people to obtain meaningful jobs. If nobody else was going to do it – we were.

Our approach is simple: we use the highest quality coffee available, roast it in small batches for the retail and wholesale market, and adhere to business principles that embrace the culture, history, and vibe of our region. We practice current, sustainable, renewable business practices, hire local, purchase local (everything but our coffee beans, of course), and sell local. The best part about what we do? We get to roast, drink, and share our phenomenal coffee in the process.

The Utica Coffee brand is synonymous with the best qualities of Utica itself; simplicity and a no-nonsense attitude, a richness of unique and shared culture, and a strong independent streak. Every day we put into practice our belief that our community can be revitalized through responsible business development.